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While attending Dalhousie University, Blain played in the bands The Spawning Grunions and Big Ethel.  Upon graduation, he started writing small pieces of music for his bandmate, friend and director, Mike Clattenburg;  it was this opportunity that allowed Blain to turn his passion for music into a career.  It has been over 20 years since Blain started writing music for film and television.   From CBC kids,  Poko, to the wildly successful Trailer Park Boys, Blain has showcased his versatility and flexibility in combining fresh ideas with time honoured standards.

BMP is also developing some programming of our own.  Gene Barker, Ruby the Littlest Dog, and MetroGnomes.


Current and Recent Projects


Moblees Season II, CBC Kids,  Underway

Mr. D, CBC 2015 , Season wrapped and airing, produced by Mike Volpe, Topsail.

Wishenpoof! 2015  Amazon Original , Season 1 Complete.  From the creators of Blue’s Clue’s, and Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood.

The Moblees, 2014-15  CBC Kids.  Season 1 complete!  Lynn Oldershaw, Shaftesbury Films, Katrina Walsh.

TV Revolution, Tell Tale,  The History of television as experienced in Canada, Tell Tale Inc.  Edward Peill

Trailer Park Boy’s Season 10,  wrapped, Mike Smith, Robb Wells, J.P. Tremblay

Santa Quest  , John Dunsworth explores Santa culture around the world.

Dropped, Feature completed June 2014 for Boulevard Productions, Katrina Walsh

Trailer Park Boy’s, Christmas Special 2014

The Substitute, 2014

Comedian Gerry Dee poses as a substitute teacher at a private school.

Gerry Dee Comedy  Special, 2013

CBC Special Starring  Gerry Dee

Bite Me, 2013

Documentary on bed bugs by Tell Tale Productions. Edward Peill

Swearnet, 2013

New Feature from Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and J. P. Tremblay .

Whirlwind, 2013

Thought provoking documentary deals with the impact of alternate energy sources in our communities.  Brought to life by Bill Carr and Gola Taraschi-Carr .  Beautiful performance art by  Holly Carr.

Moving Day 2012
Mike Clattenburg’s delightful  feature Moving Day.  Starring Will Sasso, Charlie Murphy, and Gabrielle Miller.

Monster Math Squad   

This CBC commissioned  CGI series features friendly monsters who use their math skills to get out of jams .  Completed season I, 30 episodes,  Season II, 20 episodes
Borderline 2012
Tell Tale Productions’/Daniel Sekulich’s film Borderline.

Credits (Series or Film Composer)

The Substitute, CBC, 2014
Wishenpoof!, Amazon, 2014-2015
Gerry Dee Comedy Special CBC, 2013
Trailer Park Boys, Season 1-10
Bite Me-Bed Bugs Invasion, Tell Tale Productions, CBC, 2013
Whirlwind, 2013
Swearnet, 2013
Bell Aliant, Just in Time, 2013
Moving Day- Feature 2012
Borderline- Documentary 2012
Monster Math Squad-CBC kids 2012
Mr. D-CBC 2012
Afghan Luke-Feature, Mike Clattenburg 2011
Pirates Adventures in Art-CBC Kids 2010-2011
Happy Funtime Hour, Showcase 2011
Animal Mechanicals- CBC Kids 2009-2011
Bo On the Go – CBC 2008-2010
Countdown to Liquor Day, TPB II-Feature 2009
Remedy Me-W Network, Creative Atlantic 2010
Trailer Park Boys – The Movie 2006
Trailer Park Boys – Showcase
Poko – CBC
Olliver’s Under the Bed Adventures – Teletoon
Superships – Discovery
The Dockett – CBC Newsworld
Tall Ship Chronicles – Life Network
Rock Camp – CBC
Street Cents – CBC
Nan’s Taxi – Global
Farzzle’s World – Treehouse
Rideau Hall – CBC
Halifax Comedy Festival – CBC
Spilled Milk – CBC
Trailer Park Boys —-The Movie
Baba’s House – CBC
The Bette Macdonald Show – CBC
Mona Parsons Documentary – WTN
Kit Coleman Documentary – WTN
Wendy Lil – Playwright in Parliament
Pirates – YTV
Punk X – CBC
Janet Conners Documentary
BlackFly – Global



SOCAN Domestic Animated Television Series Music Award 2013  “Animal Mechanicals”

SOCAN Domestic Animated Television Series Music Award 2010  “Bo On the Go”

SOCAN Domestic Animated Television Series Music Award 2009 “Bo On The Go”

Gemini Nominee 2006 Best Original Music Score for an Animated Program or Series “Poko and Bibi of the Arctic”


Guild of Canadian Film Composers
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television

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