A music composer for film and television, Blain Morris has a reputation among producers for his ability to create unforgettable themes and score for many of the most popular television shows in Canada such as ‘Poko’, ‘Bo on the GO’, ‘Animal Mechanicals’ and of course the unforgettable, ‘Trailer Park Boys’.  Blain works on a project with the goal that anybody will be able to sing a theme to a series 20 years later. Blain has received a Gemini nomination and has won several SOCAN awards for his music. Recently, Blain finished the second season of Amazon Prime’s  ‘Wishenpoof‘ and is currently working on season 12 of ‘Trailer Park Boys’,  season 6 of CBC’s hit series ‘Mr. D’ as well as a brand new children’s series for CBC, ‘Addison’. Shortly after graduating from Dalhousie University, Blain started creating song segments for ‘Sesame Park‘ and became the composer for the critically acclaimed youth series ‘Street Cents‘ proving that a degree in psychology is very useful when creating music since there is more to good score than notes on a page.


Wishenpoof!  2 seasons (39 episodes)  Out of the Blue Productions/DHX Media Trailer Park Boys   7 seasons  (55 episodes)  Topsail Entertainment Trailer Park Boys  4 seasons (40 episodes)  Sunnyvale Productions Mr. D  Series  6 seasons (67 episodes)  Topsail Entertainment The Moblees  2 seasons (30 episodes)  Boulevard Productions/Shaftesbury Films Monster Math Squad   2 seasons (42 episodes)  DHX Media Pirates Adventures in Art  2 seasons (44 episodes) DHX Media Animal Mechanicals   3 seasons (57 episodes) Halifax Film Company Bo On the Go  3 seasons (42 episodes) Halifax Film Company Remedy Me  1 season (13 episodes)  Creative Atlantic Communications Ltd Poko 3 seasons (52 episodes) Halifax Film Company Olliver’s Under the Bed Adventures  3 seasons (39 episodes)  Collideascope Digital Productions Superships   1 season (13 episodes) Parthenon Films Tall Ship Chronicles  1 season (16 episodes)  Topsail Entertainment Rideau Hall  1 season (6 episodes)  Topsail Entertainment Liocracy   2 seasons (26 episodes)  Creative Atlantic Communications Rock Camp  1 season (13 episodes)  Collideascope Digital Productions Farzzles World   1 season (13 episodes)  Collideascope Digital Productions The Bette MacDonald Show  1 season  Topsail Entertainment Pirates!  1 season (40 episodes)  Salter Street Films BlackFly  Theme  Salter Street Films Spilled Milk CBC


Moving Day Swearnet Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special The Substitute Afghan Luke Countdown to Liquor Day Nan’s Taxi – Global


Santa Quest Bite Me Whirlwind Borderline Bite Me-Bed Bugs Invasion, Tell Tale Productions, CBC The Dockett – CBC Newsworld Mona Parsons Documentary – WTN Kit Coleman Documentary – WTN Wendy Lil – Playwright in Parliament Punk X


Gerry Dee Live Halifax Comedy Festival


SOCAN Domestic Animated Television Series Music Award “Animal Mechanicals” SOCAN Domestic Animated Television Series Music Award   “Bo On the Go” SOCAN Domestic Animated Television Series Music Award  “Bo On The Go” Gemini Nominee  Best Original Music Score for an Animated Program or Series “Poko and Bibi of the Arctic”


Guild of Canadian Film Composers Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television SOCAN Please enjoy and share for the holidays!!!! Christmas In the Park